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Taylor Company Disassembly and Recovery Instructions

The Taylor Company reminds technicians to be cautious of government laws regarding refrigerant recovery, recycling, and reclaiming systems. If you have any questions regarding these laws, please contact the factory Service Department.
WARNING: R404A refrigerant used in conjunction with polyolester oils is extremely moisture absorbent. When opening a refrigeration system, the maximum time the system is open must not exceed 15 minutes. Cap all open tubing to prevent humid air or water from being absorbed by the oil.
If the crossed out wheeled bin symbol is affixed to this product, it signifies that this product is compliant with the EU Directive as well as other similar legislation in effect after August 13, 2005. Therefore, it must be collected separately after its use is completed, and cannot be disposed as unsorted municipal waste.
The user is responsible for returning the product to the appropriate collection facility, as specified by your local code.
For specific directions regarding motors, compressors, or other types of components, identify manufacturer nameplate and refer to their web site for detailed instructions. Recycle all other parts as permitted by your local standards. For additional information regarding applicable local laws, please contact the
municipal facility and/or local distributor.
Items identified in red require special handling. (Download the .pdf document) for complete images and documentation for your records.

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