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Taylor Freezer Soft Serve Machines

Soft Serve Machines

Soft Serve is a term used to describe a complete category of ice cream and frozen dessert products. Soft Serve products are frozen in and dispensed directly from the freezer to the customer.

Taylor Combination Milkshake & Soft Serve

Combination Milkshake & Soft Serve Machines

With a combination freezer you have a complete ice cream shop in the footprint of one freezer. You can offer cones, sundaes, shakes, and whirl-ins with no additional labor force.

Frozen Beverage MachinesTaylor Frozen Beverage Machines

Carbonated: (FCB) slush drinks incorporate overrun (air) when freezing CO2, syrup flavoring and water to produce a light, fluffy texture. The carbonation provides an effervescent taste that customers of all ages love.

Uncarbonated: (FUB) slush drinks can be premixed, dispensed directly from the freezer, or post-mix with syrup flavors added to a neutral frozen base. There are a variety of popular flavors available, such as frozen lemonade, fruit punch, or frozen cappuccino.

Taylor Milkshake & Smoothie Machines

Milkshake & Smoothie Machines

Single Flavor Single Flavor Milkshake & Smoothie freezers dispense the flavor of the day, or you can add fruit or syrup flavorings to make different or custom flavors.

Taylor Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Machines

Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Machines

Gourmet products are frozen in a batch freezer, designed to produce low or high overrun frozen dessert in batches. Just add mix to the batch freezer, pour in the desired flavorings. When the freezing cycle is complete, dispense the product into a container for storage in a hardening cabinet or serving display case. Candy, nuts or fruit are added as the frozen product is dispensed.

Gourmet ice cream is an excellent addition to any menu, because the food cost associated with making your own ice cream is low, resulting in a 70-80% profit margin.

Cornelius Fountain Drink Machines

IMI Cornelius

IMI Cornelius is the world's leading supplier of beverage dispensing and cooling equipment. We manufacture and market a broad line of post-mix beverage dispensing systems, beer dispensers, ice makers, juice and tea dispensers and a complete line of accessories.

Taylor Freezer Sales of Georgia, Inc. is proud to partner with IMI Cornelius as one of their Georgia and South Carolina distributors for their beverage and juice dispensers, ice makers and dispensers and cooling and carbonators. Call 770-458-5546 and ask for Sales for more information. Check back for all equipment to be listed on our website.

Flavor BurstTaylor Gourmet Ice Cream & Gelato Machines

The leading manufacturer of flavor and candy delivery equipment for frozen confections. With Flavor Burst equipment, your existing soft-serve, shake, slush, smoothie, or frozen carbonated beverage machine can serve 8 flavors. Furthermore, you can combine flavors within one serving for seemingly limitless offerings!


Taylor Commercial Grills

Taylor Freezer Grills

Crown Series: Two-Sided Cooking made Easier, Faster, Smarter & Safer . . . all at the touch of a button.

Solid state controls are intuitive and east to operate. Customizable to personalize to your menu. Expandable to grown with your future offers.

AutoFry Electric FryersAutoFry Electric Fryers

Now you can expand your menu with deep fried favorites without the expense of hoods and vents. MTI's proprietary Simplifry™ technology offers multiple programmable pre-sets, standby mode and heat/time compensation intelligence.

Smokaroma equipment, sauces and spices


The Bar-B-Q Boss® uses pressure to add a delicious smoky flavor to all meats and many vegetables. This user-friendly unit operates under pressure to make meats that are not greasy, but are delicious, tender, and juicy.

The Instant Burger's® Patented Direct Energy Transfer® cooks up to 200 juicy and delicious hamburgers an hour. It cooks the fat calories out of the meat but leaves the natural juices in to give a fresh cooked, non-fried, low carb hamburger. It is small and compact. It requires no hoods (local codes prevail).

Taylor reserves the right to discontinue, or change at anytime, specifications or designs without notice and without incurring obligations.