Milkshakes & Smoothies

Milkshakes can be served to complement a meal, as a snack or as a nutritious meal replacement. The freezing process is similar to soft serve ice cream, except shakes are served at warmer temperatures, to be sipped through a straw. Milkshake mixes are generally available in a variety of formulas, like Low Fat, Yogurt, and High Protein. Whirl-in shakes, with fruit or candy pieces added, are a popular menu item today.

Taylor Milkshake and Smoothie Profit CalculatorTaylor manufactures a complete line of shake dispensing freezers to meet the needs of the food service operator. Milkshakes are an excellent addition to any menu, because the food cost associated with shakes is low, offering 70 to 80% profit margins.

Milkshake and Smoothie Profit Calculator

Taylor Freezer Milkshake MachinesSingle Flavor Equipment
Single Flavor milkshake & smoothie freezers dispense the flavor of the day, or you can add fruit or syrup flavorings to make different or custom flavors.

Multi-Flavor Milkshake & Smoothie Machines
Multi-flavor milkshake & smoothie freezers use a neutral mix and automatically blend the selected syrup flavoring as the shake is being dispensed.

Heat Treatment Milkshake & Smoothie Machines
Heat Treatment milkshake & smoothie freezers can be either single flavor or multiple flavor. The Heat Treatment feature means the freezer only has to be disassembled and cleaned once every fourteen days.

Combination Shake & Soft Serve Machines
With a Taylor combination freezer you have a complete ice cream shop in the footprint of one freezer. You can offer cones, sundaes, shakes, and whirl-ins with no additional labor force.


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